There’s an old saying that says, nothing is forever, and as we all know, life is full of change, and whether we want it or not, change is just a part of life. Some changes we resist, and some we find adventurous. I myself have never done well with changes like moving or wishing a friend well when they move. I become pretty comfortable with my set routine. But on another note, change can be good, and change is growth.

I wanted to take a little time and share with you changes that I feel have been happening gradually in the music industry over the years. This is just one example:

A very close friend of mine has been performing at a restaurant that has been a landmark in this area for many years, and they have decided to close their doors which will leave every employee out of a job including him. That    makes me very sad, and because  this has been on my heart, I thought I’d share some other  thoughts that it has brought to my mind regarding the lack of live entertainment that we are seeing now in comparison to the 80’s and 90’s.

How many clubs have replaced live bands with DJ’s who just spin records all night long or maybe they have karaoke nights instead of hiring professional musicians. Aren’t we losing something called personal touch?

It’s sad to say this, but it seems that in our country, the arts are very under appreciated. In our schools, the music and art programs are the first to be cut.  That is why I admire celebrities like Herb Alpert who started a foundation to keep the arts alive in schools for under-privileged children.

In our country,  I see  the arts gradually being forgotten or placed on a level of low importance. In European countries, they are placed on a level of high importance.

I get on a soapbox about this.  For me, music is a healer, and it’s live music that brings people together. How can we cut self-expression and not continue to encourage it in generations to come. Thanks for reading. Your comments are welcome.