Enjoy the journey!

Enjoy the journey!

Do you ever wonder, when you are watching an extremely famous person being interviewed on television, what’s their story. Who helped them get their big break, and how did their dreams finally come true. In most cases, it seems, we never hear the inside stories. I’ve often wondered, Now that they’ve made it, so to speak, are they happier on the inside or can it be lonely at the top.

You look at a person who has trained and trained for years to win that gold medal in the Olympics. Every day was a day of constant discipline. No matter what happened, they kept their eyes on the prize. I’ve often wondered, Did they enjoy the journey along the way or once their dream came true, did they say,  “What do I do now?”

If we stop to think about it, life as we know it, is a journey all of its own. It’s hard to live in the moment. We’re either looking back at the past or wondering about the future.


As I continue pursuing my own goals in the voiceover and music fields, I have to continue to remind myself to not forget about the importance of maintaining personal goals  as well as professional goals like keeping in touch with old friends, spending quality time with family,  or maybe just getting away from it all for a few days. I believe that our personal journeys are just as important as our professional journeys and at least for me because I love to travel, when I get away for a few days, I come back refreshed and ready to dive in to the projects that need to be done.

I wonder how many people would say that for them, pursuing their dream was even more fun and exciting than their dream actually coming true!

One of my favorite quotes goes like this:

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, and that is why we call it the present. So why not just enjoy the journey while the journey is ours to enjoy!