New Years Resolutions or goals?

Well, it’s that time of year again. How many times have we all made new years resolutions that usually go by the wayside about a week after we’ve made them. Because of that, this year, rather than using the term resolutions, I’d like to use the term goals because the term goals is something that I think most of us will take a little more seriously.

As I began looking back on my voice-over business, and the developments that took place last year, I made note of the things that didn’t work well, and the things that worked very well including new beginnings that I’d like to put in place for this year.

One of my new beginning goals, as I call them, is blogging. So welcome to my blog.

Another is getting out to more networking events, and I attended the first American Marketing Association mixer of this year, just a couple of days ago.

Setting goals does not mean that you have to set a goal that is so unattainable that it’s virtually impossible to accomplish. You simply begin with what’s right for you, and for each individual, it’s different. Another thought would be to remind yourself of those goals on a daily basis. Post them on your refrigerator or on your wall, whatever it takes.

To me, a new year means a new beginning, and a new beginning is an adventure. Are you ready for an adventure?