Rejection: That R Word

Rejection: That R word. We all hate it, right? How does it make you feel when you even hear the word.

I don’t know about you, but when I even think about the word, all sorts of negative thoughts come flooding in.

As we all know, there are all sorts of rejections that come along in one lifetime, and we all experience it at some time or another in some way, shape or form. You didn’t get that job you so desperately wanted, and you were so close to getting it.  You didn’t get accepted to the only college that you really wanted to go to, and then there was that person you wanted to go out with that turned you down. These are only a few examples of the types of rejections that can come along, of course. There are many that are much more inward than these that maybe you’ve held on to for years.

If I had known when I went in to voice work, how many auditions I was going to end up recording that passed right by me and that were given to someone else, well, I often ask myself, Would I have still gone in to this? I always come up with the same answer, Yes, I would have, and I have no regrets. When you are in the entertainment field, whether you model, act, or sing, there will always be auditions, and there will always be rejections. I’ve always heard it said that you need to have a very thick skin to be in this type of business, and now I know that it’s true. If I truly know that I felt good about my audition after I   sent it out, and that I did the best that I could, when I receive a new one, I get it out, and forget about it, knowing that another one will come along before I know it.

What if we all did that with every type of rejection we received in life rather than stewing about it. Wouldn’t it make life a whole lot easier? You could just move on and keep running the race.

Have you ever noticed that when we want something so desperately, whatever it may be, we try way too hard to make it happen, and that can make us forget to relax and be ourselves. If we could all just do our best, and then let it go, we could actually enjoy life more and maybe breathe just a little bit easier. What do you think?