Thank You Notes…

Thank you notes you say? Who does those any more. And What about hand written thank you notes.  Now you probably think I’ve totally lost it. Isn’t  the thank you note considered to be quite archaic and very old fashion in the thoughts of the millennial generation these days?Besides, you can just send a quick thank you email right?Or maybe just saying thank you to the person before they walk out the dorr will suffice or you can even send a quick text.  The possibilities are endless!  Who needs to write a note.

Being that we are at the height of the holiday season where gifts are exchanged, cards are sent and festive meals are put together, I began to think about the thank you note and how it seems to have become a lost art. Who has time any more when we have so many projects calling our attention.

When you’ve established  an excellent rapport with a client, and you’ve come to really appreciate working with them, after the job has been completed, what do you do?

On a more personal note, I’ve attended weddings where I’ve really taken time to search out just the right gift, and all of a sudden, when the marriage is about three months old, I’ll think to myself, I did give them a gift didn’t I? Did they ever  receive it?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with sending a thank you email, and there’s nothing wrong with running to the store and grabbing a box of thank you notes that you can write in. But why is it that every once in a while, it might be a good idea to write a hand written thank you note.

I believe that a hand written thank you note says to a colleague or a close friend, You took the time for me. So I’m taking the time for you. When you write a note that is totally written in your own words, You are saying to your friend or colleague, You are important and you are worth it.

Once you do something like this every so often, you might just discover that that little extra special touch goes a long way.