Thanks God, it’s Friday!

Is that what you say at the end of every week? Has your job gotten so old to you that you could do it in your sleep? If you are in that particular place right now, I know what that’s like. I, too, have been there, and it’s not fun.

When I think about how many people in our country live for their weekends rather than enjoying each day as it comes, that’s sad.

If you are in that place, what steps will you take to get yourself out of it,  or is it just easier to stay in your comfort zone? After all, you’re pretty secure there although nothing is secure these days if you stop to think about it. The days of someone working for the same company for 25 years are long gone.

Maybe you have a dream that you’d like to pursue, but you feel you can’t because your job is draining you of any energy that you might have left at the end of the day.

 Here are some thoughts that might solve your problem just a little bit:

1: What about taking time during a break or lunch to make some marketing phone calls to begin working toward fulfilling that dream that you’d like to pursue, whatever it may happen to be.

2: What about attending networking events after work where you may be likely to meet people who can help you along the way.

3: What about attending some educational workshops or webinars on the weekends in order to get closer to accomplishing your goals.

4: What about taking an hour   every couple of days and devoting it to social networking to help you make some of the connections that you’d like to make.

 There’s an old saying that says, when there’s a will, there’s a way, and I believe that’s true. If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it. Now you can say Thank God its Friday because you know that on the weekends, you’re going to be pursuing your real passion!